Crash Plan

Installation :

Pour préparer votre poste, c’est à partir du § 5 + procédure ci-dessous pour le ui_info.

En cas de pb d’accès suite à màj, check

La procédure actuelle

While connected to SSH as root, run the following command to get the headless key file. The funky formatting of this command is because the file does not contain the special newline character:

cat /var/lib/crashplan/.ui_info  ; echo

The command will output a line similar to the following (everyone’s will be different): 4243,13d436c0-230a-4242-b258-574e60e62a9f

On the computer where you are connecting to CrashPlan on Synology, go to the .ui_info file under the CrashPlan directory. NOTE: I had to manually upgrade my computer’s version of CrashPlan (via in order to see the .ui_info file. Typically on Windows, this will be found under:


Or on a Mac in the following location (need to have finder set to show hidden files):

/Library/Application Support/CrashPlan/.ui_info

  • /var/www/clients/client17/web44/private/data/pages/applications/sauvegarde/crashplan.txt
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